Green Field Oversize Bakshiash Carpet ca 1880 376 x 604cm / 12'4" x 19'10"

Very rare to find any kind of antique green field carpet and unsurprisingly, it is one of the best colours, decoratively speaking, to have! This gorgeous antique Bakshiash has a beautifully 'abashed' (many shades) field of greens, ranging from forest through to grass, an absolute delight. Goes fantastically well with wood, or I can see this in a library. Soft terracotta border and an allover design of flowers, this is really the ultimate decorative carpet. Rather worn in places, with some old homespun repairs, it still has a powerful decorative presence, in the understated sense!

Occasionally I also do a home trial, numerous factors can vastly change how a piece looks and feels in a room. Get in touch for more information

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