Mid 19th C 'Ura Tube' Suzani 164 x 197cm


The word 'Suzani' literally translates as needle, in reference to the fact that a needle is used to apply the silk the cotton ground. Woven in panels, there is a separate artist or designer who pencils the shape of the flowers, stems and borders onto the ground material and then it is assiduously embroidered by the women of a single family. Many have been made and they vary dramatically in quality and appeal. The very best ones have a large range of bright, natural colours that complement each other and lend energy to a dynamic drawing. It is my opinion that this is an excellent example, demonstrating a lively drawing with a sparkling array of colours, including highlights of light blue, aubergine, saffron yellow and burnt orange in the smaller flowers nestling between the larger scarlet and pink carnations. 

The main border is noteworthy not only for the abundance and variety of greens in the vines but also for the corner resolutions- all four corners are properly centred which is no mean feat for a handmade textile. I'm not sure I have see it before.

The embroidery is in excellent condition, with very minor rubbing. There are a few small tears to the ground that are easily fixable and some older repairs of average quality that do not catch the eye. The red lining is modern and I would recommend changing it for a more sympathetic colour- probably a neutral beiger. Priced as is.

Occasionally I also do a home trial, numerous factors can vastly change how a piece looks and feels in a room. Get in touch for more information

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