Antique Moghan Kazak 150 x 241cm / 4'11" x 7'11"


One of the main reasons I am in the antique rug business is to handle works of art. I truly consider this medium to be an under appreciated art form and I so rarely get the opportunity to show why. Well, here it is. I believe this to be a superb example of how colour balance and design are so important. The colours are like a rainbow and the beautiful insect border is one of the rarest designs. A very rare and collectable rug.  Colour is everything and this beautiful, green field kazak has the best colour you can hope to find. 

If it did not have the repairs, the price would be significantly higher but I believe there is enough original rug to make this a jewel in the crown notwithstanding.

Occasionally I also do a home trial, numerous factors can vastly change how a piece looks and feels in a room. Get in touch for more information

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