Antique 'Nim' Nurata Suzani 98 x 156cm / 3'2" x 5'1"

A Central Asian, Uzbek embroidery, woven as a dowry piece by the Bride-to-be, to demonstrate her skill and value with the needle. Not only a beautiful textile but it was a store of value to be sold when economic necessity dictated. These days, collectors and fine interior decorators love to use these at home, as wall hangings, bed spreads or even over the back of a sofa for their beautiful decorative qualities. 'Nim' means 'half' in Persian and this is a 'Nim' suzani because it is approximately half the usual size. The smaller ones can be much easier to use around the home and have a strong following. The silk embroidery in sparkling shades of yellow, green, cherry red and light blue depicts floral sprays on a cotton ground. Showing light wear and with some splits to the background nevertheless a great visual example perfect for hanging and admiring.

3'2" x 5'1"

Occasionally I also do a home trial, numerous factors can vastly change how a piece looks and feels in a room. Get in touch for more information

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