'Ascending Flower' Bokhara Suzani Early 19th Century 170 x 251cm


A great Suzani is truly a joy to behold. The rising flowers in this one are widely varied and rainbow in colour, a real sparkler. Intensely dyed silks are tightly worked, close together in this labour of love- literally- for these gorgeous displays were made as dowries, and brought in to the marriage as a demonstration of the brides needlework skill and indicative of how well she might earn. Good embroidery was a source of wealth which could be bartered for things that were needed or sold for hard cash. The better the embroidery, the higher the value. Circa 1850 and patched in three places with some Shakarisabz embroidery- possibly even older and rarer.

5'6" x 8'2" price includes VAT @ 20%

Occasionally I also do a home trial, numerous factors can vastly change how a piece looks and feels in a room. Get in touch for more information

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