Karabagh runner 4'0" x 12'7"


It's unusual enough to find an antique rug with an impressive array of organic dyes from the 3rd quarter of the 19th century but to find one in such outstanding condition is really terrific. Full pile allover, with original selvedges and tassled end finishes, this piece is practically mint. I think I found one tiny repair measuring approx. 1cm x 1cm.

The design, of course, is taken from the distinctive group of North East Caucasian weavers in Akstafa, famous for their pairs of large stylised peacocks flanking medallions on a navy blue field but the weave in this instance is much thicker, with a slightly depressed warp suggesting Karabagh to me, as a likely production area. Perhaps this is the result of a union between an a woman from Akstafa and a man from Karabagh...?


A superb, rare and beautiful rug.

Occasionally I also do a home trial, numerous factors can vastly change how a piece looks and feels in a room. Get in touch for more information

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